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Unfortunately, by default Outlook cached mode also includes the Global Address List.

This can mean that new accounts or distribution lists are not available to all clients straight away.

Again this can be performed with a single Power Shell command in many cases.

Alternatively you can assign the OAB to a database using the Exchange Management Console by opening the mailbox database properties and selecting the Client Settings tab.

Another option is to only disable the Global Address List from being included, so it will also be a live copy from the exchange server.

It does this by creating a local copy of the mailbox and synchronising the updates as needed.

If Outlook is left running constantly in Cached Exchange Mode, it updates the Offline Address Book automatically about once a day, depending on Address Book updates on the server running Exchange.

To initiate these updates manually, do the following: So that they can use their updated address book when they are offline.

Alternatively, you can wait till after Exchange has updated the OAB on its current schedule.

When clients download the updated OAB, the new users will show up.

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Get-Mailbox Database | select name,offlineaddressbook | sort name Name Offline Address Book ---- ------------------ MB-BR-01 Default Offline Address Book MB-BR-02 MB-HO-01 Default Offline Address Book MB-HO-02 MB-HO-04 MB-HO-Archive As you can see only two of the six databases in the Exchange Server Pro organization have an offline address book configured.

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