Dating old buildings

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Historic structures also preserve crucial paleoclimatic data that can provide unique information about environmental and cultural history.Sadly, these historic structures are rapidly vanishing from the Texas landscape.In doing so, structures that have become obsolete are given a new useful function and are therefore saved from abandonment, decay, and demolition.Good adaptive use projects not only find a new use for old structures, but also find a compatible use that allows a building’s original fabric and significant elements to be retained.In Mecklenburg County, the oldest home is the Hezekiah Alexander House, built in 1774.A well-built house of rocks, it’s open for tours at the Charlotte Museum of History. in the Fourth Ward neighborhood, it is the oldest building uptown.This extended chronology is significantly correlated with meteorological measurements of growing season moisture supply in Texas, and with the episodic influence of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

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But in creating this newer city, we have destroyed much of the old.

While old farmsteads dating to the late 1700s can still be found around Mecklenburg County, uptown Charlotte is almost completely bereft of any building over 100 years old.

Many changes have taken place to the interior of the building since amalgamation with the City of Hamilton.

Adaptive use (also commonly called adaptive reuse) is a term preservationists use when an old or historic structure is given a new use.

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Some common examples of adaptive use are the conversion of old factory buildings into loft apartments or office space, reuse of barns as dwellings, and the transformation of large single-family estates or mansions into inns or conference and functions space.