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Groupwise shared address book not updating

A differs from a directory in that it is both the directory information source and the services making the information available and usable to administrators, users, network services, and applications.Ideally, a directory service makes the physical network topology and protocols (formats for transmitting data between two devices) transparent so that a user can access any resource without knowing where or how it is physically connected.Use these guidelines wherever possible in expanding systems or creating new systems, but temper their application with your experience and knowledge of your organization's unique computing environment. You may also refer to the many Novell partners for more information, tools, and services.TODO: Provide a worksheet or at least an example showing how much each of these factors affect the requirements.This guide is based on the Group Wise 6.5 Best Practises Guide and is intended to carry out the promise of being the living document spoken of during the introduction.Being part of the Novell wiki, you can play a part in modifying this content with your experiences.It is not a comprehensive instruction set, and it is not intended to replace product manuals.Administrators using this guide should consult product documentation, technical information documents (TIDs), and online help for further instruction regarding each of the guidelines offered here.

This paper introduces network administrators to Active Directory, explains its architecture, and describes how it interoperates with applications and other directory services.Objects include shared resources such as servers, shared volumes, and printers; network user and computer accounts; as well as domains, applications, services, security policies, and just about everything else in your network.One example of the specific kinds of information a network directory might store about a particular type of object is that a directory typically stores a user's name, password, e-mail address, phone number, and so on, for a user account.This topic is written for organizations that are using Active Directory to manage user resources, but aren’t running Exchange Server on-premises.In the following scenario, the goal is to support cross-premises email coexistence.

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A third-party mail system (IBM Lotus Notes, Novell Group Wise, and so on) remains in the on-premises organization and shares an email namespace with the Exchange Online messaging system in the cloud.